2 comments on “Catching the black and white whale*

  1. Nothing better than a massacre in a wondrous Gallente battleship. I’d say if that’s not a sign that you need to return to Eve, nothing is. You should also consider playing the lottery today…just incase your good fortune continues. Also, you can activate a PLEX from anywhere. Just go to your “assets”, find the PLEX, right-click on the PLEX and “add game time to account”.

  2. Trouble is, that the PLEX was in a station container and you can’t activate it when it’s there (or my brain farted and I didn’t see the option). And the funny thing is, this PLEX had been won through Blink, but I suppose they won’t favour me again, since I’m not a new customer. 🙂

    And yes, this is a sign…now I only have to buy a new PC, gaming on a laptop with nVidia 7800 Go sux. Curse you, faulty hardware! 😀

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